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From internship placements to research funding to campus leadership development, Graham provides an abundance of opportunities for students to build their professional sustainability skills. Whether you’re a freshman looking to get more involved or a grad student hoping to land a job in sustainability, Graham’s student programs have got you covered at every phase of your career!

Graham Sustainability Scholars

Undergraduate Co-Curricular Projects and Leadership Development


The Graham Sustainability Scholars program offers students projects with local external partners as well as field/project-based coursework in sustainability.

Recent projects include:

“I feel really excited about what’s happening in Graham because it’s the closest out of anything I’ve done in school yet that feels similar to how I would work a career. It’s very group-project oriented, so it’s given me a lot of opportunities to work with people, whether I’m leading or not, which has been amazing.”

Catalyst Leadership Circle Fellowship

Graduate Internships and Training


The Catalyst Leadership Circle Fellows are provided with internship placements in municipalities across Michigan working on a variety of sustainability initiatives.

Recent projects include:

“This program was really valuable to me because I made a lot of connections in the Michigan sustainability space. I also furthered a lot of my knowledge in environmental justice, clean energy and successful communications practices. A lot of these topics were neglected in my [academic] field, so this has really helped my personal learning and pointed out what I want to do more of in the future.”

Dow Sustainability Fellows

Graduate Co-Curricular Projects and Support


The Dow Sustainability Fellows complete collaborative projects with non-profits, NGOs, business and communities around the world.

Recent projects include:

“Seeing a different culture and experiencing their lives and being welcomed into them was very humbling and very rewarding. So this was a real world experience for me where I got to not only contribute my own skills, but I got to learn many different ones.”

Planet Blue Ambassadors

University-Wide Sustainability Resources


Planet Blue Ambassador is the entry point to sustainability on campus, equipping students, faculty, and staff with information and resources to live, work, learn, and play sustainably at U-M.

Resources include:

“Solving something as confounding as the climate crisis necessitates getting everyone involved. That’s why we’re working to empower thousands of students, staff, and faculty members at U-M to take action in their own areas of influence and help shift our campus towards a more sustainable culture.”

Collaborative, hands-on projects, internships and coursework can be the first step to a fulfilling, impactful sustainability career on campus and beyond. For more information about these programs and their pivotal work, visit!

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