Graham Staff

Graham Staff

Interns and Temporary Staff

Climate + Energy

Sarah Eldridge
Sophie Farr
Photo of Rikki Goldman
Rikki Goldman
Karl Hoesch
Me smiling, surrounded by trees.
Zoe Knaus
Matilda Kreider
Profile Picture of Zona Martin
Zona Martin
Moksha Menghaney's picture
Moksha Menghaney
Ian O'Leary
Hayley Sakwa
Profile picture of Kaitlyn Sledge
Kaitlyn Sledge
Emma Uebelhor
Yingxin Wang
Josephine Weissburg
Josephine Weissburg


Megan McLaughlin profile photo
Megan McLaughlin
Woman standing in black dress and white  blouse in front of U.S. Capitol Building.
Zoe Pidgeon
Maaike Wielenga
Sam Works
Sam Works


Cecilia Duran
Cecilia Duran
Kathryn Economou
Kathryn Economou
Kathy smiling in a yellow dress
Katherine Jara


This is a picture of Madison leaning against a concrete pillar next to an ornate green light.
Madison McCann
Anna Oana
Chloe Summers
Emily Wilkins turns her head while walking to smile at the camera. She holds a red picnic blanket.
Emily Wilkins

Water Center

Lena McDonough
Lena McDonough