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MI Lead and Copper Project Advisory Group Members

MI Lead and Copper Project Advisory Group Members

Advisory Group Role
At the project inception, the project team established an advisory group to help better understand the range of issues raised by lead and copper and bring the perspectives of multiple communities and disciplines to the effort. The advisory group included representatives of state agencies, county government and health offices, water supplies, local government and water resource/infrastructure associations, community and neighborhood organizations actively involved in implementing or affected by the lead and copper rule. 

Through in-person meetings, periodic conference calls, and individual consultations, the advisory group identified a large list of frequently asked questions and reviewed draft responses to the list, infographics the team designed and other communications material. Although all members of the advisory group had opportunities to comment on project products, such as the FAQ responses, infographics and case studies, the content is solely the responsibility of the project team. Some of the advisory group members may disagree with some of the final product.

Advisory Group Members

  • Janice Beecher, Director, Institute of Public Utilities, Michigan State University
  • Steven Crider, Drinking Water Unit Manager, Toxicology and Response Section, Michigan Department of Health & Human Services
  • Tom Frazier, Legislative Liaison, Michigan Townships Association
  • Kelly Green, Infrastructure Coordinator, Office of Administrative Services, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
  • Paul Hann, Executive Director, Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan
  • Hilliard Hampton, Associate Director, Urban Partnerships, Freshwater Future
  • Wayne Jernberg, Assistant Water System Manager, City of Grand Rapids
  • John Lamacchia, Assistant Director, State & Federal Affairs, Michigan Municipal League
  • Nick Leonard, Staff Attorney, Great Lakes Environmental Law Center
  • Carma Lewis, President, Flint Neighborhoods United
  • Monica Lewis-Patrick, CEO & President, We the People of Detroit
  • Nancy Love, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan
  • Eric Lupher, President, Citizens Research Council of Michigan
  • Kris Philip, Technical Support Supervisor, Office of Drinking Water and Municipal Assistance, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
  • Amy Ploof, Water Systems Assistant Chief Engineer, Oakland County Water Resource Commissioner’s Office
  • Evan Pratt, Water Resources Commissioner, Washtenaw County
  • Bill Ridella, Director/Health Officer, Macomb County Health Department
  • Randall Roost, Principal Planner, Water Operations, Lansing Board of Water & Light