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Decarbonization of Public Buildings in East Lansing : From Boiler to Heat Pump

Decarbonization of Public Buildings in East Lansing : From Boiler to Heat Pump

Program: Catalyst Leadership Circle Fellowship
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This project supports East Lansing's Climate Sustainability Plan by investigating heat pump implementation in federally- and municipally-owned buildings. It aims to provide valuable technical information for decision-makers in East Lansing, facilitating HVAC facility upgrades to heat pumps and reducing energy consumption. The project delivers a comprehensive report with two parts: (a) "Path to Decarbonization: Initiating the Conversation" encompassing stakeholder interviews and case studies, and (b) "Road to Electrification: Heat Pump Upgradation" offering a factsheet on retrofitting heat pumps and retrofit design strategies, demonstrated by the successful retrofitting of the Hannah Community Center. Concluding with policy and design recommendations, the project aims to promote decarbonization through heat pump retrofits in various communities, with adaptable report materials for wider implementation.

  • Location: East Lansing, MI
  • Project Team: Upasana Roy (Fellow), University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning; Cliff Walls (Mentor), Environmental Specialist, City of East Lansing; Caleb Kline (Technical Advisor), Principal, Inclination Engineering
  • Project Presentation (PDF)
  • Project Deliverable: Decarbonization of Public Buildings (PDF)