Graham Scholars Partners

Graham Scholars Partners

Thank you for visiting this page! We appreciate your interest in partnering with the Graham Sustainability Scholars Program.

We are happy to discuss how your organization's sustainability priorities and goals might fit with the Graham Scholars Program and how you might support future sustainability leaders. Please email the leadership team with your project idea.

Expectations of partners:

  • As needed, provide Graham Scholars with space for meetings and data collection activities
  • Supply relevant background information from prior work (reports, data)
  • Review and provide input on preliminary findings and recommendations prior to project completion
  • Plan to use project outcomes upon completion of the Scholars project—a critical component of demonstrating project impact
  • Join the project team’s final presentation to celebrate your collective success, as available

In addition, if your project is chosen, you will need to identify one or two key contacts within your organization to guide the project and liaise between the team and the organization. These contacts also facilitate dialogue between the team and relevant stakeholders, within and outside of your organization.

The key contacts are considered part of the project team and meet periodically with the Graham Scholars to offer input on the project and respond to the team's questions.

Upon completion of each project, the partner organization will receive specific, mutually determined deliverables, as well as a final report and presentation. >>Browse past project reports