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Solar-Powered Mini Electric Vehicle Project

Solar-Powered Mini Electric Vehicle Project

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Team Members: Sydney Forrester, Yide Gu, Usmaan Jaffer, Tim Yuan, Ziyang Zhong

Advisor: Dr. Kazuhiro Saitou

Project Summary: The long-term goal of this project is to demonstrate that a short range, low speed, network-connected, solar-powered, mini electric vehicle can improve quality of life among disadvantaged communities. Such a vehicle would enable greater access to markets, health care, and other social services in an environmentally sustainable manner while allowing more time for education and economic advancement in impoverished populations. The team designed and manufactured an early prototype of a bicycle attached to a solar panel trailer-and conducted preliminary testing and market feasibility analyses in Accra and Kumasi, Ghana. Goals for 2018 include conducting further testing on the current prototype and development of an improved design and prototype tailored for urban usage in Ghana based on feasibility research and analysis.

Seed Grant and Large Grant Award

Dow Sustainability Fellows Program