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An Introduction to Complex Systems

An Introduction to Complex Systems

This course covers a broad range of fundamental topics relevant to the study of complex systems. The course work involves weekly readings that focus on "classics" in the complex systems literature, in order to give students a broad, general understanding for the variety of work that falls under the rubric of complex systems and its historical context in science. Topics to be covered will include information, computation, feedback, interactions, dynamics, evolution, and systemic risk. We will explore these core ideas in context: when, and how, did these perspectives emerge in different fields? This course will emphasize communicating across fields, generating research ideas, and connecting concepts across fields. Grading will be based primarily on discussions, video presentations, and a term paper.

Literature, Science, & Arts » Complex Systems
Course Number(s) UM Course ID Academic Level Credits Sustainability Category*
CMPLXSYS 501 022012 Graduate 3 Sustainability-Inclusive

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