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American Space

American Space

This seminar examines the relationship of architecture and network infrastructures. In the tradition of the cultural landscape historians, from whom the course takes its name, the course looks both at larger scales of city form and smaller scales of making use of network interfaces. In doing so, it thus upholds an intermediate scale of architecture, between device and cloud. With exercises in historic case study, network mapping, and architectural typology, if connects a way of understanding urbanism with recent practices of network usability. With a series of short, carefully vetted readings, it operates as a book club on urban technology.  With an emphasis on discussion, it demands strong language skills. While now in its 18th year, and a longtime favorite in the College, still this seminar looks ahead at urban technology futures.

Arch. and U.P. (Taubman) » Architecture
Course Number(s) UM Course ID Academic Level Credits Sustainability Category*
ARCH 531 039576 Graduate 3.0 Sustainability-Inclusive

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