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Finding NERRS colleagues at upcoming Summit

Finding NERRS colleagues at upcoming Summit

RAE Summit 2018

Members of the NERRS community will be attending the Restore America’s Estuaries and the Coastal States Organization 9th National Summit on Coastal and Estuarine Restoration and Management in Long Beach, California from December 8-13, 2018. A list of NERRS researchers and affiliates presenting at the summit can be found below.

MONDAY, December 10
Concurrent Session 1 (11 AM - 12:30 PM)

Facilitating Productive Dialogues About Successful Adaptation Indicators and Metrics (Room 202A)

  • Danielle Boudreau, Tijuana River NERR; moderator
  • Susi Moser, Susanne Moser Research & Consulting; panelist
  • Syverine Bentz, Kachemak Bay NERR; panelist
  • Lisa Auermuller, Jacques Cousteau NERR; panelist
  • Christine Feurt, Wells NERR; panelist
  • Annie Cox, Wells NERR; panelist
  • James Arnott, University of Michigan; panelist

The Ecological and Social Dimensions Underlying Ecosystem Services in Urban Estuaries (Room 202C)

  • Kristen Goodrich, Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve; panelist
  • Jane Ballard, NERRA; panelist
Concurrent Session 3 (4 PM - 5:30 PM)

Listed Species Concerns: Ramifications for Restoration (Room 103A)

  • Syverine Bentz, Kachemak Bay NERR; presenting

Tools and Strategies to Assess Marsh Vulnerability (Room 103B)

  • Robin Weber, Narragansett Bay NERR; presenting|Project
  • Rachel Stevens, Great Bay NERR; presenting

Getting to Scale: Challenges and Opportunities in Large-Scale Efforts (Room 202C)

  • Julia Wondolleck, University of Michigan, NERRS Science Collaborative; presenting

Using the National Estuarine Research Reserves as Platforms for Testing Shoreline Restoration Strategies (Room 203A)

  • Emilie Hauser; presenting| Project
  • Denise Sanger, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources; presenting| Project

Resilient Cape Cod: Integrating Ecosystem Services and Community Preferences in an Online Platform (Room 203B)

  • Tonna-Marie Surgeon-Rogers, Waquoit Bay NERR; presenting|Project


TUESDAY, December 11
Concurrent Session 4 (8:30 AM - 10 AM)

Olympia Oyster Coast-Wide Network Strengthens Coastal Ecosystems (Room 103A)

  • Kerstin Wasson, Elkhorn Slough NERR; presenting|Project
Concurrent Session 5 (10:30 AM - 12 PM)

Disaster Response and Recovery Perspectives from the NERRS and Sea Grant (Room 202A)

  • Aitza Pabón-Valentín, Jobos Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve; presenting
Concurrent Session 6 (2 PM - 3:30 PM)

Estuarine Restoration Teams in Florida: A Coordinated Partner-Based Approach to Habitat Restoration (Room 103B)

  • Nicole Dix, Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve; presenting| Project
WEDNESDAY, December 12
Concurrent Session 8 (8:30 AM - 10 AM)

Early Results from Hurricane Sandy Resiliency Projects (Room 103)

  • David Burdick, University of New Hampshire; presenting

Restoration Perspectives from the Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve (Room 201A)

  • Jeff Crooks, Tijuana River NERR; session moderator and presenting| Project
  • Kristen Goodrich, Tijuana River NERR; presenting
  • Danielle Boudreau, Tijuana River NERR; presenting

Clearing a Path for Coastal Wetland Migration (Room 202C)

  • Betsy Blair, Hudson River NERR; moderator and panelist

eDNA monitoring in coastal and estuarine systems (Room 203A)

  • Alison Watts, University of New Hampshire; moderator|Project
Concurrent Session 9 (10:30 AM - 12 PM)

Managing Marshes to Maximize Ecosystem Services and Foster Resilience (Room 103B)

  • Kenneth Raposa, Narragansett Bay NERR; presenting| Project
  • Y. Peter Sheng, University of Florida; moderator and presenting| Project
  • Richard Lathrop, Rutgers University; presenting| Project
  • Kevin Kroeger, USGS; presenting| Project

Applied research to enhance estuarine shoreline management (Room 203A)

  • Eric Sparks, Mississippi State University; moderator and presenting| Project
  • Cory Riley, Great Bay NERR; presenting| Project
  • Christine Angelini, University of Florida; presenting| Project
  • Peter Kingsley-Smith, Marine Resources Research Institute; presenting| Project
  • Stuart Findlay, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies; presenting| Project
Concurrent Session 10 (1:30 PM - 3:00 PM)

When You Need to Go Deeper than Applied Research (Room 203A)

  • Dwight Trueblood, NOAA; moderator
  • Jen Read, NERRS Science Collaborative; moderator
  • Eric Sparks, Mississippi State; panelist | Project
  • Tonna-Marie Surgeon-Rogers, Waquoit Bay NERR; panelist|Project
  • Christine Angelini, University of Florida; panelist| Project
  • Cory Riley, Great Bay NERR; panelist| Project
  • Jen West, Narragansett Bay NERR; panelist| Project


NOTE: Where possible, links to related Science Collaborative projects are provided.