Maggie Allan

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(734) 763-0749
Emerging Opportunities Officer

As a Program Officer, Maggie is responsible for assisting in the development and coordination of the Emerging Opportunities Program. Maggie works to support a wide range of collaborative and engaged research activities that involve faculty researchers, decision-makers and key stakeholders in outlining viable pathways toward sustainability solutions. Maggie’s work also includes development of communication strategies for stakeholder engagement, program evaluation, and supervision of research support personnel.

Maggie joined the Graham Institute in May 2013 with a multidisciplinary background in ecology and public policy and experience working across sectors on conservation, development, and policy projects. She has worked for government, non-profit, and research organizations including the National Park Service, National Wildlife Foundation, Pew Center for Global Climate Change, and New England Aquarium. Maggie also has over six years of environmental consulting experience serving energy, commercial, and industrial clients in the Midwest and Southeast. Maggie earned her M.P.P in Environmental Policy and M.S. in Conservation Ecology from the University of Michigan, and a B.A. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Brown University.