About the Institute

Collaborative Sustainability Solutions



The Graham Sustainability Institute at the University of Michigan (U-M) catalyzes and facilitates sustainability engagement and collaboration involving faculty and students from across all academic units, working in partnership with external stakeholders. We work to understand sustainability-related interests and needs across myriad organizations and sectors, and effectively connect them with relevant expertise throughout the university. Our work includes:

  • Convening faculty, students, and external stakeholders to connect on topics of shared interest

  • Providing competitive funding to foster and support interdisciplinary collaborations

  • Supporting faculty in developing and managing outreach and impact components of research 

  • Co-producing science translation and project impact communications

  • Administering interdisciplinary co-curricular programs involving students across U-M

  • Co-leading U-M's sustainability-related institutional data collection and reporting efforts

  • Ensuring the full U-M community has opportunities to engage in campus sustainability