Larissa Larsen

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Associate Professor
  • Arch. and U.P. (Taubman)
    • Urban and Regional Planning
    • Architecture
(734) 936-0234

Larissa's research focuses on identifying environmental inequities in the built environment and advancing issues of urban sustainability and social justice. Some of her past research has examined urban heat islands, water consumption, and neighborhood mobilization against environmental problems. Most of her current work involves climate adaptation planning and urban heat island studies. In 2011, she and her students worked with the US Green Building Council to write a publication entitled, Green Building and Climate Resilience. Working with five other scholars on campus and the Graham Institute, Larissa is involved in a multi-year project investigating how the changing climate will impact cities in the Great Lakes Region and how planning can enhance their resilience. In the last year, Larissa worked with co-instructor Eric Dueweke and eight graduate students to propose changes to the City of Toledo's Stormwater Credit Program that would incentive on-site stormwater management.  This project won the American Planning Association's inaugural Emerging Leaders' Sustainable Plan Award.