Graham Sustainability Institute

Graham Scholars Take the Next Step In Their Leadership Journey

The co-curricular Graham Scholars program is complementary to many academic programs, including the Program in the Environment, the Program in Sustainable Engineering, and the Business and Sustainability Concentration.

  • Focus on collaboration, interdisciplinary team projects, and community engagement
  • Develop the necessary skills to be sustainability leaders in any discipline
  • The Graham Scholars Program supports up to 50 undergraduate students annually
  • Connect with other like-minded scholars interested in sustainability topics 
  • Open to current undergraduate and transfer students attending the Ann Arbor campus


U-M Sophomores & Transfer Students: Become A Sustainability Leader

Become part of an interdisciplinary sustainability leadership program and receive financial support for a field-based experience (in alignment with your major/minor) and a dynamic team-based project with a client external to UM. 

  • Scholars officially begin their participation at the 2-day Fall Retreat in late August
  • Junior and Senior Scholars attend monthly seminars, scheduled from September-April

“You're interacting with and learning from local people all of the time, whether that's through a guest speaker, community event, or informal interaction at the Mercantile. You learn about why people choose to live in the valley, why they love it, it's deep cultural and homesteading history, the challenges and joys of living among so much wildlife.” — Graham Scholar

Participation co-curricular activities provide an opportunity to further develop multi-cultural engagement, project management, and other skills applicable to all career paths. 

  • A critical component of the program, each scholar is eligible to receive support to pursue a field-based experience
  • Support for a field-based course and interaction with students across campus are the highlights of the program, in addition to the fall retreat, networking, and discussion
  • Learn more about requirements, field experiences, co-curricular activities, and when to apply
  • Join a growing cohort of approximately 300 Scholars Alumni/ae, and more than 1,000 U-M Sustainability Fellows and Scholars professionals
  • The Program was established in 2010
  • We are incredibly grateful for our donor Donald Graham and the UM Provost Office for supporting Graham Scholars

Scholars comments about their field-based experiences

  • “This study abroad program exposes you to a wide array of perspectives, cultures, climates, people, food, and experiences, giving you a better understanding of the global system, the diversity of approaches to environmental management, and the varying perspectives and responses to climate change.”
  • “… the academic coursework often consisted of synthesizing these experiences in relation to the concepts we'd learned in the classroom. The opportunity to design and conduct an independent public health research study was incredibly valuable, and in my experience is a rarity in the course of undergraduate education. I feel capable of designing and carrying out independent research, which I could not have said before this program.”

Above: Graham Scholar Keny Patel in Switzerland with other students, see the field-based course experiences for more information.

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