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Graham Celebrates 10 Years in 2016

“In the early 2000s, after talking to several deans and a lot of other people, I came to the realization that if we were going to move forward in sustainability at the University of Michigan as I and others felt we should, we needed to have a university-wide collaborative activity with faculty and students across the university. U-M is now generally regarded as one of the leaders in the field.”

– Don Graham, Chairman, Graham Group and member of U-M President’s Advisory Group

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“[Don Graham] challenged us to think in new ways about sustainability, to recognize the complexity of the problems, which require the bringing together of multiple disciplinary perspectives from across campus, to engage partners from other sectors and to develop viable solutions that are based on rigorous research but also have stakeholder support.”

– Martha Pollack, U-M Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

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“Opportunities can truly change someone’s life. I’m a child of two immigrants from Ethiopia. This past summer, I was able to go back to Ethiopia through the Graham Experiential Learning Fund. Being a part of the program has been both academically and personally fulfilling. I can learn from other students and broaden my own sense of what it means to be sustainable.”

– Lello Guluma, LS&A (PitE) Undergraduate Student and Graham Scholar

“The integrated assessment framework was really appealing to me because of the way it tied in multiple perspectives from all different walks of society. I was able to engage in scientific outreach activities, including blogging and talking about the process of science. That was helpful in my development as a scientist, as a scholar, and ideally as somebody who will have an impact in this world.”

– Kevin Boehnke, Ph.D Candidate, School of Public Health

“Over time we developed into this community of scholars and we all got better for it. It’s had a tremendous impact on my career and the contribution I’ve been able to have, and the contributions my students will have, as I help them point their passions toward impactful work. The good news is that this community of scholars lives on.”

– Jeremy Guest, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois, and Graham Doctoral Fellow Alumnus

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