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The Water@Michigan Collaborative

The Water@Michigan Collaborative's mission is to gather and coordinate water-oriented expertise across the University of Michigan and to make these resources more accessible and impactful.

We particularly recognize Michigan’s industrial past and how it has led to black, indigenous, or people of color (BIPOC) communities facing issues of unsafe or unaffordable drinking water, neighborhood flooding, surface water pollution from legacy contaminants, and general suppressive disengagement from water-based enjoyment, among other problems. We believe it is imperative that the voices and priorities of BIPOC are represented in the efforts to revitalize their environments and neighborhoods. Water@Michigan brings faculty, staff, and students together with community leaders and campus resources to support this work and all work on water issues.

To see our work in action see the Coffee Talks page.

For Faculty

Our process brings together the university’s multi-disciplinary water network to co-produce new knowledge about water with community end-users.


Coffee Talks

Monthly topical conversations led by water experts with opportunities for networking, and meeting new partners.