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Rudy Richardson

Rudy Richardson

Photo of Rudy Richardson
Dow Professor Emeritus of Toxicology, Professor Emeritus of Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health and Associate Professor Emeritus of Neurology, Medical School
Public Health » Environmental Health Sciences
After postdoctoral work in Neurochemistry at the Medical Research Council Toxicology Unit in Carshalton, England, Rudy Richardson joined the University of Michigan as Assistant Professor of Toxicology. During 1993-1999 he served as director of the Toxicology Program and in 1998 he was appointed as the Dow Professor of Toxicology. His research has focused on mechanisms of acute and delayed neurotoxicity of organophosphorus compounds. Currently he uses kinetics, molecular modeling and mass spectrometry to understand interactions of toxicants with target macromolecules and to develop biomarkers of exposure, toxicity and disease.

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