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Greening the Dental Clinic

Greening the Dental Clinic

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Team Members: Shivani Kamodia, Annabel Weiner Advisor: Dr. Zach Landis-Lewis

Project Summary: The goal of this project is to provide recommendations to help dental clinics transform patient care and achieve sustainability through cultural, operational, and infrastructural changes while stewarding our environment. The primary milestone is a website, where dental professionals can access our recommendations and resources for improvement in the sustainability of their clinic. The website is divided into four domains: organizational development, waste reduction, and prevention, environmentally preferred purchasing and the built environment. The largest achievements so far have been the creation of the website and the initiation of a glove recycling program at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. Future tasks involve continuing to monitor the glove recycling program and increasing dental clinic participation in the website’s recommendations and developing sustainability “scores” for these clinics.

Seed Grant and Large Grant Award


Dow Sustainability Fellows Program

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