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2030 District Transportation Survey (2022-2023)

2030 District Transportation Survey (2022-2023)

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Working in partnership with the Ann Arbor 2030 District, this Graham Scholars team updated, advertised, distributed, and analyzed the A2 2023 district transportation survey. Conducted every two years, the survey aims to track progress towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions related to commuting by 50% by 2030.

The project had four phases: advertising, survey edits, distribution, and data collection/analysis. The findings highlighted average commute lengths, emissions, and parking access. Key policies favored by respondents included expanded work-from-home, affordable housing, carpool incentives, and shared company vehicles.

The data will assist the Ann Arbor 2030 District and the city in formulating recommendations to address transportation emissions, with the survey's format being easily updatable for future use.