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Cover and content photographer:  Fatimah Bolhassan, Graham Sustainability Institute

Peers and professors will support and challenge each Sustainability Scholar to determine how to incorporate sustainability into their lifestyle, campus, and community. Scholars will participate in program courses and activities throughout their junior and senior years. By networking with others, Scholars will hone leadership, system-thinking, and problem-solving skills.

"This study abroad program exposes you to a wide array of perspectives, cultures, climates, people, food, and experiences, giving you a better understanding of the global system, the diversity of approaches to environmental management, and the varying perspectives and responses to climate change."

All U-M (Ann Arbor) Sophomores, from any field of study, looking to connect with other like-minded students are encouraged to apply for the Graham Sustainability Scholars Program. Non-traditional/transfer students are also encouraged to apply. This co-curricular, experiential learning opportunity is designed to foster systems thinking about sustainability theory and practice.

Sustainability Scholars Program

  • Collaborate with sustainability-minded students across disciplines
  • Develop personal leadership skills
  • Participate in an intensive 2-day retreat
  • Explore pressing real-world solutions to critical issues
  • Consider diverse views about sustainability
  • Receive $3,500 for an applied sustainability experience
  • Connect with sustainability practitioners from multiple sectors

Application Deadline Extended: February 26, 2019

Student applicants provide contact information for up to two references to provide letters of support.

Letters of Reference Deadline: February March 5, 2019, 3:00 PM EST

The Graham Institute will provide letter writers with details of how to submit letters online.

Contact us: 734-615-8230,