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Dow Sustainability Fellows Program Partners

Dow Sustainability Fellows Program Partners

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Thank you for your interest in the Dow Sustainability Fellows Program! You are one step closer to partnering with an interdisciplinary graduate student team to work with you on your sustainability-focused project and produce actionable, high-impact solutions.

There are many benefits to becoming a Dow Sustainability Fellows Program partner. The partnership is especially valuable if you are seeking extra support to kickstart a project for which you otherwise lack time or resources. Benefits of partnering with the Dow Fellows Program include:

  • A team of 4-5 high-performing graduate students working collaboratively with you over a 10 month period to fulfill a sustainability need.
  • Actionable, high-impact project deliverables.
  • The opportunity to enhance your program’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts with an interdisciplinary group of students focused on equitable solutions to real-world challenges.
  • Being part of a unique, experiential, collaborative educational experience for emerging sustainability leaders.

We are happy to discuss how your organization's sustainability priorities, goals, and challenges might fit within the Dow Sustainability Fellows Program and how you might support future sustainability leaders. Fill out the form below to connect with Graham Sustainability Institute staff and learn more!

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