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U-M Conference on Climate Change

U-M Conference on Climate Change

Program: Planet Blue Student Innovation Fund
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Melting iceberg. Photo by William Bosses on Unsplash

The primary goal of the EVOLVE conference is to display to the University of Michigan how sustainability and climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies are essential considerations in everyone’s careers and daily lives. On campus, concerns for the planet have been relegated to a periphery of students in the environmental sciences. This is a dangerous conclusion as the challenges of climate change will inevitably impact everyone. At this annual conference, students will discover how sustainability directly or indirectly applies to them. This will happen through a series of speakers, panel discussions, debates, and presentations from professionals. Top level business professionals, government officials, and renowned leaders will be brought in to urgently communicate the necessity of collective action in the face of climate change.

Student Team: Jack Hyland, Peter Dolan, Brooke Kahl, and Abby Potts