Great Lakes Adaptation Assessment for Cities (GLAA-C)


GLAA-C Fact Sheet (PDF)Through the support the University of Michigan Graham Sustainability Institute and the Kresge Foundation, and in collaboration with Great Lakes Integrated Sciences + Assessments (GLISA), the goal of GLAA-C is to bring together researchers and practitioners to develop actionable climate adaptation programs for cities in the Great Lakes region. GLAA-C works with cities in the Great Lakes region to develop and implement climate adaptation strategies in these cities.

The work of GLAA-C is supported by six University of Michigan faculty members whose backgrounds include public health, public policy, governance, urban planning, and climate science. By incorporating research from all of these fields into climate adaptation solutions for cities, GLAA-C aims to create replicable programs to tackle the interconnected challenges which climate change presents.


Climate Convener:

In late June,  2014, GLAA-C organized the Adaptation in the Great Lakes Region Conference at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI. During this meeting, researchers and practitioners from across the region explored climate adaptation efforts in various sectors and across different scales and discussed strategies for fostering collaboration towards buildin a more resilient region. 

You can see the schedule and check out presentations here


GLAA-C staff and students work collaboratively with cities throughout the Great Lakes region to deliver customized climate change adaptation workshops. The goals of these workshops are to provide city staff, elected officials, and key stakeholders insights on regionally significant current and anticipated changes in climate and a better understanding of how impacts from these changes will affect operations and services of the municipal government and its partners. See our Workshops page to see goals and view/download agendas, resources, and more.

Video: Preparing Great Lakes Cities for Climate Change:
Adapting to Change and Building Resilience

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Socioeconomics and Climate Change in the Great Lakes Region Developed collaboratively between GLAA-C and Headwaters Economics, this interactive shows how the social and economic characteristics of the Great Lakes Region are impacted by regionally specific changes in climate. The map features statistical information on over 225 counties throughout the Great Lakes region.

GLAA-C Newsletters:
Winter 2013-2014 Newsletter (PDF)
Summer 2013 Newsletter (PDF)