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For Communities

For Communities

The Water@Michigan Collaborative provides a platform for the fundamental knowledge and expertise of communities to help drive useful partnered research with the university. We look forward to meeting you and listening for opportunities to work together on your priorities. From our discussions, we will align your interests with faculty expertise to scope possible water-related collaborations. 

We will introduce you to faculty and researchers who:

  • Prioritize working alongside community partners from the beginning;
  • Consult with community partners at key points along the way; and
  • Co-create products that are specific to community goals. 

Water@Michigan Collaborative Services

We look forward to building a lasting relationship with you. We can help with consulting, matchmaking, and developing workshops that can benefit your community. We recognize that sometimes community-faculty collaborations can encounter logistical and bureaucratic challenges and we will work with you to help overcome them.

Consulting: We are open for consultations to understand your water-related priorities and help navigate university and related resources. Book a one on one meeting with us by signing up in the navigation panel on the left or through the interest form below. 

Matchmaking: We work to facilitate equitable and mutually beneficial partnerships between community partners and UM faculty, with aligned interests and skill sets. We use the Ginsberg Center principles of Community Engagement and offer long term support to both community partners and faculty in the process.

If this sounds like a good approach for your community's water priorities, and you are able to invest time in the partnership, please check out more details in the Opportunity Guide.

If you are interested in working with the Collaborative, please fill out this brief form or contact the Collaborative Coordinator (