For Communities

For Communities

Our approach to working with communities begins by acknowledging the expertise and knowledge that already exist within any community with whom we engage.

We look forward to working with community partners who can invest time in engaging with their campus partners to scope their water-related collaboration. The Water@Michigan Collaborative supports faculty and researchers who prioritize working alongside partners from the beginning and who continue to consult with you at key points along the way. If this sounds like a good approach for your community’s water priorities, please check out more details in the Opportunity Guide.

Community Engagement Plan

To kick off the Water@Michigan Collaborative, we are emulating the Ginsberg Center’s Matchmaking Process to engage with interested community partners. If you are interested in working with the Collaborative, please fill out this brief form or contact the Collaborative Coordinator (

The Water@Michigan Collaborative co-chairs will host a small scoping meeting with interested community partners to start a relationship and hear about the community priorities or areas of interest. Post-meeting, the Collaborative Coordinator will follow up with community partners to either:

  • Facilitate an immediate connection with faculty to quickly begin a collaboration or;
  • Invite them to a larger “Listening Sessions” with potential faculty partners with interests and skills aligned with exploring or addressing their priorities.

The Collaborative’s goal is to formalize community and faculty partnerships. This partnership could take several shapes:

  • Your faculty partner’s immediate engagement/action with your priority
  • A BIPOC student summer intern working at your organization to scope a project
  • Collaborating with your faculty partner to develop a series of U-M courses that work to address your priorities

Water@Michigan Collaborative staff will facilitate these new collaborations, but the process, time commitment, and scope will be determined between the community and their faculty partner(s).