Listening Sessions

Listening Sessions

To kick off the Water@Michigan Collaborative, we will host a series of virtual, listening sessions with community partners.

These Listening Sessions are an opportunity for community partners to share and meet with university faculty who have interests and skillsets aligned with their priorities. The goal of the Listening Session is to create community-faculty partnerships to begin scoping further collaboration and fleshing out project ideas, with this partnership being facilitated by W@M Collaborative staff. 

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Water@Michigan has evolved from a yearly event that brought together the university's multi-disciplinary water network to focus on co-producing new knowledge about water with end-users. Over the past couple of years, these events investigated the many dimensions and values of water. In response to U-M's commitment to community engagement, Water@Michigan 2020 had been envisioned to kick-off an ongoing, community-engaging, project curriculum, but was ultimately postponed due to COVID-19. The summer of racial protests in 2020 spurred the Steering Committee to emphasize the disproportionate impact on communities of color in Michigan when it comes to water-related burdens and lack of representation.