Graham Sustainability Scholars Program

Sustainability leadership development, professional skill-building, hands-on team experience, field-based course funding, and more. Apply for the 3-semester co-curricular program, open to U-M undergraduates entering their junior year at the Ann Arbor campus.

Each year, Graham Sustainability Scholars form a tight-knit cohort supported, challenged, and inspired by each other, as well as by program partners and advisors. Through rich co-curricular experiences, Scholars learn to incorporate sustainability into the campus, their lifestyle, their discipline, and the broader community. They have access to professional development and other resources that are designed to enhance academic courses and help advance careers.

Program participants begin the in fall of their junior year and complete the program in the fall of their senior year. Their primary focus is managing an interdisciplinary project with a local organization. Through training in project management and community engagement, participants hone leadership, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills—all tools needed to be a leader in any organization.

Learn more about program requirements, field experiences, and the Sustainability and the Campus course on the program components page.