Dow Distinguished Awards 2022

Dow Distinguished Awards 2022

Application Deadline

Please see the Distinguished Awards Guidelines for full details about the program and the application requirements.

Step 1: Letter of Intent (Due Sept 29, 2021, 4:00 PM)

Hit the apply button above to start a new application. Please upload one PDF file with the following information:
  • Project Title (maximum of 65 characters)
  • Team Leader (name, email, phone, school/college and discipline/major)
  • Team Members Names (name, email, phone, school/college and discipline/major)
  • U-M Advisor (name, email and phone) 
  • Client/Organization (name, address, phone)
  • Client Key Contact (name, title, phone, email)
  • Project Background (maximum 350 words)
  • Project Scope and Proposed Deliverables (maximum 1000 words)
  • Proposed Budget Total

Step 2: Full Application (Due October 18, 2021, 4:00 PM)

Use the unique link you were emailed to return to your original application page to submit your full application file (the apply button above will not work again). Please upload one PDF file with the following information:

  • Project Background (maximum 450 words).
  • Project Scope (maximum 1,200 words): Highlight engagement activities and how project success will be measured (e.g., specific carbon reduction metrics, or new circular economy process applied) and over what time frame.
  • Planned Deliverables (maximum 450 words).
  • Communication Plan (maximum 350 words).
  • How will your project address the intersection of diversity, equity, and inclusion and Sustainability/Climate/Circularity? (maximum 250 words).
  • Budget and Expenditures: 
    • Please submit a 1-page spreadsheet with separate line item expenses (item, description, cost) with a total budget, not to exceed $40,000. 
    • All applicants must submit a budget using this template.
    • Note: Project teams may receive between $30,000 - $40,000.
  • References and Appendices (maximum of 6 pages, not counting the narrative above).
    • Resume for each team member, a maximum of 2-pages (not counting the narrative above).

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Supporting sustainability scholars, the Dow Sustainability Fellows Program and the Dow Distinguished Award Competition is aligned with the U-M commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Program efforts focus on ensuring that each student thrives. Scholars learn that diversity is key to empowerment and the advancement of sustainability knowledge, learning, and leadership at U-M and worldwide.

The U-M Graham Sustainability Institute administers the Dow Sustainability Fellows Program, including the Dow Distinguished Award Competition, see, phone: (734) 615-8230. Each team awarded funding will receive a formal notice of award and additional information about program requirements, including due dates and a link to the Terms and Conditions form.