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Watershed Assessment of Detroit River Nutrient Loads to Lake Erie

Advisory Group and Consultation Meeting Summaries

← Back to main project pageThe research team meets with the project advisory group approximately twice a year and organizes smaller, issue specific consultation meetings as needed. This page provides the handouts, slides and summary notes for these different meetings. If you have comments or questions, consider reaching out to members of the research team or conacting the project coordinator, Lynn Vaccaro (

Advisory Group and Research Team List

Meeting Documents

Advisory Group Conference Call - August 9, 2018

Meeting reference documents

Report outline and communication notes
Modeling update for urban and suburban areas

Annual Advisory Group Meeting, Windsor - March 15 - 16, 2018

Meeting reference documents

Agenda, participants and proposed scenario list
Research updates (provided in advance)
Summary of meeting discussion
Revised scenario list

Slides for team presentations

Watershed modeling update
Urban source assessment update
Urban modeling update

Slides and references for context presentations

Michigan Domestic Action Plan - Full document and Slides
Canada-Ontario Domestic Action Plan - Full document and Slides
SEMCOG Water Resources Plan - Full report and Slides

Advisory Group Conference Call - October 5, 2017

Meeting slides
Discussion and Q&A notes

Advisory Group Conference Call - July 31, 2017

Meeting slides
Data and Assumptions for SWAT Watershed Model

Annual Advisory Group Meeting, Windsor - January 18 - 19, 2017

1. Meeting Introduction and Wrap-Up

Slides, Day 1 meeting introduction - Don Scavia 
Slides, Day 2 scenario intro and next steps - Jen Read
Agenda and all handouts
Summary of discussion - intro and wrap-up

2. Context Setting Presentations

Slides - Detroit River monitoring, Ralph Haefner
Slides - Detroit and St. Clair River monitoring, Alice Dove
Slides - Detroit R. impact on Lake Erie, John Bratton
Summary of discussion - context

3. Watershed Modeling Updates and Decisions

Slides - Awoke Teshager
Summary of discussion - watershed model

4. Lake St. Clair Modeling

Slides - Sergehi Bocaniov
Summary of discussion - Lake St. Clair

5. Proposed Urban Water Modeling Approach

Slides - Branko Kerkez
Summary of discussion - urban model

6. Break out Group Discussions

Urban scenarios - summary of discussion
Rural scenarios - summary of discussion
Compiled list of scenario ideas

All January 2017 meeting notes as single document

Issue-Specific Consultation Meetings

Summary - Modeling Canadian Agricultural Watersheds - December 12, 2016
Summary - Lake St. Clair Projects - October 19, 2016

Follow-up Conference Calls - June 29 and July 12, 2016

Summary and handout

Kick-Off Advisory Group Meeting, Detroit - May 5, 2016

Meeting slides
Summary and handouts


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