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NERRS Science Collaborative Team

Jen Read

Jen Read, who directs the U-M Water Center, implemented the Integrated Assessment program, including introducing the idea to the research community, while working for Michigan Sea Grant. Jen’s research focuses on adaptive management responses to restore and protect fish spawning habitat in response to state and provincial fishery management agency needs. Jen serves as the Science Collaborative's principal investigator, provides overall program leadership, and manages the day-to-day activities of the Science Collaborative program.


Susi Moser

Susi Moser is a geographer by training and an expert on adaptation, science-policy interactions, decision support, and communication in the area of climate change with emphasis on practical, collaborative, solutions-oriented work. She is working with the NERRS network in both framing and measuring successful adaptation to climate change for the Successful Adaptation Indicators and Metrics project (SAIM). Learn more


Maria Carmen Lemos

Maria Carmen Lemos, a political scientist, focuses on qualitative and quantitative understanding of the processes of producing and using science with the goal of increasing the usability of scientific knowledge in decision making. She is working with the NERRS network on enhancing the generation of usable information. Learn more


Julia Wondolleck

Julia Wondolleck has nearly 25 years’ experience in understanding and training related to collaborative approaches for managing complex natural resource planning processes. She is adding to the collaborative training aspects of the Science Collaborative program. Learn more


Dwayne Porter

Dwayne Porter directs the activities of the NERRS Centralized Data Management Office (CDMO), located in Georgetown, SC. His research interests include exploring and expanding the increasingly important roles that technology and technological innovations play in monitoring, assessing, modeling and managing our coastal environmental resources and associated environmental and public health issues. Learn more


Dwight Trueblood

Dwight Trueblood is the NOAA Program Manager for the National Estuarine Research Reserve System Science Collaborative. Dwight has worked with the reserve program for over 20 years and over the last 14 years has focused on managing technology development and applied science programs that link science to decision making in the reserves.


Maeghan Brass

Maeghan Brass joined the Water Center in 2013 and has primarily served as a project manager engaging multi-disciplinary, multi-sector teams to develop and implement end user driven water research projects. She supports NERRS Science Collaborative projects and helps to coordinate the Program’s regular requests for proposals.


Lynn Vaccaro

Lynn Vaccaro joined the Water Center in 2015 to work with the NERRS Science Collaborative program. Lynn helps develop calls for proposals and supports funded research, integrated assessment, and science transfer projects. 


Dieter Bouma has been with the Water Center since 2015. Dieter supports the Science Transfer and Capacity Building competitive funding opportunities and supports funded project teams. 


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