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NERRS Science Collaborative: Integrated Assessment Resources

One aspect of the NERRS Science Collaborative is funding for integrated assessments that tackle priority coastal management and/or policy issues. This webpage offers some resources and example projects to help individuals developing or implementing an integrated assessment.

Integrated assessments (IAs) focus on a specific, challenging management or policy question. Projects are generally based on existing data and information and do not involve extensive field work or experimentation. This approach is most useful for situations where considerable information exists but it has not yet been synthesized in ways that allow people to evaluate options effectively for addressing the focal issue.

Most IAs use a combination of technical analyses and stakeholder engagement activities to examine the focal issue. Projects typically include the following elements:

  1. Collaboratively define the focal question
  2. Clarify the history, causes and consequences of the issue
  3. Identify and evaluate potential options
  4. Develop information to guide decisions

Integrated Assessments vary widely depending on the type and scope of the focal issue. To see how the approach has been used in different situations, see: IA Case Study (PDF) and Example Projects

Additional Resources