Graham Sustainability Institute

Kelsie Imus

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  • Area of Interest: Current business practices create a lot of waste through packaging, products, and supply chain with a lack of fostering sustainability culture internally and externally to the business. Kelsie is interested in the organizational culture and structure behind sustainable business operations. Specifically, Kelsie is passionate about the promotion of circular economies and sustainable supply chains in order to decrease business waste and emissions with an intention of promoting sustainable consumerism and consumption.
  • Relevant Work: Kelsie is a current research assistant under Professor Sara Soderstrom, researching the importance of resources for Environmental Defense Fund Fellows within their internship and future careers in sustainability. In terms of volunteering, Kelsie is also a frequent volunteer at the U-M Campus Farm along with having volunteered for two alternative spring break trips. In March 2019 she installed solar panels for a family in Los Angeles through GRID Alternatives Nonprofit, while in March 2020 she learned about Food Justice at Lynchburg Grows Farms in Virginia.