Graham Sustainability Institute

Josh Miller

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(734) 214-7274
Research Area Specialist Sr.

Josh serves the Graham Sustainability Institute Water Center as a liaison with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)-Great Lakes Science Center, headquartered near the north campus of the university. The Water Center conducts leading research on important issues across the Great Lakes basin; this research often parallels USGS science conducted across the same landscape. Josh acts as a formal means of communication between the two organizations, building institutional knowledge and initiating possible means of collaboration.

As an employee of USGS, Josh functions as the Science Communications Liaison for the Great Lakes Science Center. The Center comprises a main campus in Ann Arbor, seven field stations from Wisconsin to New York, five oceanographic-sized research vessels stationed one on each lake, and three major aquatic research labs. Over 30 federal scientists conduct research on Great Lakes ecosystems in alignment with federal, state, and tribal management priorities. Josh provides critical support for science-to-management relationships, science translation, strategic science planning, internal bureau communications, and Congressional and media interactions.