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Sioban Harlow

Professor, Epidemiology University of Michigan
Adjunct Professor, Epidemiology Michigan State University
Director, Center for Integrated Approaches to Complex Diseases
  • Public Health
    • Epidemiology

Sioban Harlow's research has focused on understanding ovarian function across the lifespan including most recently leadership in studies of the natural history of ovarian aging, efforts to develop a staging system for reproductive aging (R01AG021543 and R13AG039961), evaluation of secular change in menstrual function across the last century (HD055524) and studies of the interface between ovarian aging and chronic disease. An additional focus of her research is on reproductive, perinatal, and child health outcomes in the context of global trade and export-led production especially in Ecuador and along the U.S. Mexico border (TW06489).  Her research encompasses the development and application of statistical methodologies that facilitate quantitative analysis of variation in longitudinal repeated measures data and address issues of left censoring and truncation in population cohorts. She is  PI of the Michigan site for the Study of Women's Health Across the Nation (SWAN) (NR004061), and PI of the SWAN Repository (AG017719). As Director of the Center for Integrated Approaches to Complex Diseases, she also provides stewardship for both the SWAN and the Michigan Bone Health and Metabolism Study (MBHMS) longitudinal cohort data including recent efforts to evaluate exposure to environmental endocrine disruptors in these cohorts. She was PI of the recent consensus effort to update the 2001 STRAW recommendations for staging reproductive aging (R13AG039961 “STRAW+10: Addressing the Unfinished Agenda of Staging Reproductive Aging”).

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