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Gregory Cogut

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SSI Board
U-M Undergraduate Research Program
  • Literature, Science, & Arts
    • Program in the Environment
    • Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Business (Ross)

SSI Board- Administrative Chair 

Greg is a Senior in Program in the Environment studying Sustainable Business. He is also minoring in Environmental Geology through the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Sustainability though Program in the Environment, and in Business through the Ross School of Business (Ross MiB). As a Planet Blue Student Leader, he worked towards increasing water bottle filling stations in dormitories, helped increase composting on campus, and ran training events to help increase environmental literacy. He also worked as a research assistant at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research studying human behavior and environmental sustainability, researching factors that influence sustainable behavior change. As a Zero Waste coordinator on the SSI board (2017-2018), Greg worked with 91 student organizations to coordinate 226 student-led zero waste events, which diverted an estimated 16,200 pounds of waste from going into landfill. Greg also increased the efficiency of SSI’s Zero Waste Program through automation, EOQ modeling, and safety stock analysis, which enabled the program to grow by 78% while proportionally reducing overhead costs. As an intern at Bank Leumi USA, Greg created a model that increased the efficiency of the FHLB loan reporting process, which is now used to assist in increasing the bank’s liquidity. At his internship, he also utilized his background in sustainability, psychology, and data analysis to create a paper reduction strategy aimed at operational efficiency that included a five-metric paper usage tracking and analysis model. Greg’s interest in sustainability stems from an interest in understanding how increasing societal environmental literacy is changing consumer markets, and hopes to make a career based on the implementation of green technologies and practices in the global economy. In his free time Greg enjoys photography, hiking, reading, and studying foreign affairs. Greg serves as the Administrative Chair of the SSI board and is responsible for managing administrative affairs, and helps connect students and administrators to create on-campus sustainability initiatives. 


Research Assistant, Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program

Institute for Social Research: Life Development Program
Research Title:  Human Behavior and Environmental Sustainability
Research Project: “Links Between Sustainability-related Awareness and Behavior: The Moderating Role of Engagement”
Supported and analyzed data collected in the Sustainability Cultural Indicators Program (SCIP)