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Kim Hayes

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Chair, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
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(734) 764-8495

Kim Hayes' research interests include surface and colloidal chemistry, environmental chemistry and engineering, green chemistry and engineering principles, and nanotechnology and sustainable engineering approaches for solving environmental problems. Much of his research focuses on the impact of surface and interfacial properties on transport and transformation processes of environmental contaminants. Research interests include molecular-scale investigations of surface chemical properties and transformation processes, the synthesis and optimization of nanoparticles for water , the development of reduced iron materials for permeable reactive barrier systems, the optimization of anaerobic biological activated carbon drinking water treatment systems for the removal or arsenic, chromium and other inorganic contaminants, the design of novel petroleum free metal working fluids and coolants, and the reduction of water footprints, the prevention of potential water quality impairment, and treatment of flowback wastewater associated with hydraulic fracturing of shale gas formations.


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