Graham Sustainability Institute

Elizabeth A. LaPorte

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Program Manager

Elizabeth has more than 25 years of experience in project and program management, including working with faculty, students, community partners, and diverse organizations.

Transferable Skills

Excels at overseeing program development, implementation, assessment, improvement, and reporting; actively supports and demonstrates a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and through volunteer efforts; adept at program promotion, and engagement; successful at collaborative project management, including sponsored projects (leveraged more than $1.5 million 2009-2014); creatively manages educational content online for a variety of audiences; and experienced at non-profit board leadership and organizational governance.

Key Efforts

Program Manager
Plan, oversee and implement activities related to The Dow Sustainability Fellows Program at the University of Michigan, and the Graham Institute Undergraduate Scholars Program

Develop Strategies Connecting Faculty, Students, and Partners 
Implement the mission of the Institute by facilitating the engagement of multi-disciplinary, student-led teams focusing on sustainability challenges. Teams work with clients, partners and faculty advisors. Examples: Student engagement in fieldwork locally and globally: Global Impact Projects - Dow Fellows Program

Implementing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
Institute DEI Lead, and founding member of Graham Institute DEI Team
Former member and advisor to the U-M DEI Education, Learning, and Advisory Group tasked with implementing a campus-wide DEI educational plan
Former member of the U-M Diversity Competency Committee

Promote the communication of sustainability science for key audiences
Co-develop content with faculty and experts, including summaries, articles, and media outreach plans

Promote Leadership Development 
Facilitator of campus-wide events (DEI Staff Survey Discussion and CEW Advocacy Discussion)
Former Chair of UUAA Leadership Development Team and former President of UUAA Board of Trustees
Former President Michigan Clean Marina Foundation Board


  • Master's Certification - Educational Media and Technology, Eastern Michigan University. Focus: Online education content development, instructional design, and digital media development
  • Master of Fine Arts - Communication and Design, Eastern Michigan University. Focus: Design, marketing, product development, and content management
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts - Communications and Design, University of Michigan. Focus: Design theory and practice, usability, and ergonomics


  • University of Michigan Alumni Association, a Lifetime member
  • UUAA