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Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Peter Adriaens focuses on clean technology R&D, new business design/growth strategies, and financing. With innovation experience in the academic and commercial space over the last 20 years, his core interests are in water, new mobility, and financial technology innovations. Specific interests include business water risk models focused on financial risk assessment, reverse innovation strategies for new mobility strategies, and the development of indexes and investment portfolios in emerging cleantech clusters. Bridging in the commercial space, he holds executive positions in three companies. He is CEO of Equarius Risk Analytics LLC, an angel-invested portfolio and equity risk data and services firm. We develop and sell patent-pending waterVaR and waterBeta models and data to financial services clients to inform asset valuation impacts from water risk, including stranded assets. Collaborators include NGOs such as WRI, CDP and WWF, and data/service providers such as MSCI and Bloomberg. He is co-founder and CEO of the KeyStone Compact Group Ltd, an IT software and services firm targeting investment and corporate clients. Their team focuses on the analytics of trademarked KeyStone Compact™ assessment tools for value capture, investment rating, and the design of blended asset portfolios. Collaborators include business and economic development organizations, the European Investment Fund, and the P80 Foundation. He is also co-Founder and Director of the Global CleanTech Cluster Association (GCCA), a business development organization encompassing 53 clusters and 10,000 companies