Graham Sustainability Institute

Sustainability Scholars Program

Imagine working toward your U-M Bachelor's degree while also being part of an interdisciplinary sustainability leadership program; receiving special access and funding for field-based experiences; and earning a "Sustainability Scholars Certificate."

That's the premise behind the Graham Institute's Undergraduate Sustainability Scholars Program.

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Each year, this competitive program accepts 25 to 30 high-performing undergraduate students. Scholars then pursue an 11-credit series of interdisciplinary, field-based courses focused on sustainability. They also participate in complementary leadership and cohort-building activities. After successful completion of the program, students receive a "Sustainability Scholars" certificate from the Graham Institute.

By participating in the Undergraduate Sustainability Scholars Program, students explore natural, social, economic, political, and technological aspects of complex sustainability issues, thus challenging and encouraging themselves to see issues from multiple perspectives. Students also apply their knowledge to real-life sustainability challenges, harnessing their critical thinking and problem solving skills. Don't miss this unique sustainability leadership opportunity. Click here for a Michigan Daily article about the Sustainability Scholars Program.

Alexa Eisengerg"Sustainability leadership is addressing issues from a holistic view, understanding the perspectives of all stakeholders involved. It also involves collaborating with people from many different disciplines and knowing when to lead but also how to delegate the work. Sustainability leadership requires motivation, visionary ideas, and not getting bogged down with all the negative views, celebrating achievements no matter how small, and not 'reinventing the wheel'."
- Graham Scholar '12