Graham Sustainability Institute

Co-Curricular Activities

StudentsBesides the coursework, scholars participate in a variety of activities together outside of class, including:

  • Fall Retreat: Participation in the Graham Scholars Program officially begins with a sustainability leadership and systems thinking orientation retreat each August.
  • Optional Winter Retreat: All Scholars also have the option to attend a winter skiing retreat at the U-M Biological Station.
  • Learn From Sustainability Professors and Practitioners: Throughout the academic year, scholars are invited to talk with and learn from sustainability leaders in the area through informal discussions.
  • Engage with Graduate Students: Through events and small group discussions
  • Workshops, community, and social events: There are many group social events throughout the year; some are planned while others are more spontaneous. Scholars also organize practical skill-sharing workshops, attend Ann Arbor community events, support each other's sustainability initiatives and get together for dinner while watching a documentary related to sustainability issues.
  • Connect on Social Media: Twitter and Facebook