Become A Scholar

This co-curricular program aligns with the Graham Institute's broader mission to engage, empower, and support faculty and students from all U-M units and integrate this talent with external stakeholders, fostering sustainability solutions at all scales.

In addition to the current requirement of a nine (9) credit course of study and co-curricular activities, each scholar is eligible to receive support to pursue a field-based experience. Participation in Graham Institute-sponsored activities provides an opportunity for scholars to further develop leadership skills and foster a sense of identity in and among cohorts. Students may take a course offered by U-M, find one through another program, or create their own independent study project.

Sustainability Scholars FlowChart

Application Submission Overview

  • Students must submit their application online (see application link at top right)
  • Students should notify their reference letter writers well in advance of submitting their application
  • Reference letters are confidential and are submitted separately from applications

Students apply early in their sophomore year, begin the program the fall of their junior year and conclude the program at the end of their senior year.

Scholarship Timeline Overview

Approximately 25-30 applicants will be selected each year. Participation will begin immediately upon selection and will continue until the completion of undergraduate studies.

  • Applications due late January - mid-February
  • Letters of reference are due after applications are received
  • Reference letters are confidential and are submitted separately from applications
  • Award notifications sent mid-March

Scholars Photo Gallery

  • Marie Tysman representing the Scholars Program at Earthfest on the Central Campus Diag.

  • Scholars in ENVIRON/RCIDIV 391 (Sustainability and the Campus) conducting a waste-sort as part of their group project.

  • Graham Scholars group

  • Climbing the Tower at U-M’s Challenge Program as part of a senior capstone seminar on sustainability leadership.

  • Graham Sustainability Scholars in Iceland for a field course.

  • Graham Scholars Deena Etter and Jeffrey Lavine (2nd and 4th from left) on a Graham-supported field course in China studying sustainable neighborhoods.

  • Scholars Matt Friedrichs, Logan Chadde, and Avery Robinson looking smart at a graduation celebration.

  • Guided discussion at the orientation retreat

  • First class of Graham Sustainability Scholars at their graduation.

  • Sam Schiebold and Abby Krumbein, members of the first two cohorts of Graham Sustainability Scholars.

  • Graham Sustainability Scholars at the orientation retreat.

  • A Graham Sustainability Scholars potluck with three cohorts.

  • Scholars Nathan Shields and Hailey Burns at the Graham Scholars at orientation retreat.

  • Graham Scholars Class of 2015 orientation.

  • Scholar Hannah Heyman (3rd from left) visiting Macchu Pichu in Peru as part of her field experience.

  • Scholars Ben Rogers and Becca Guerriero visiting each other while completing field experiences in South Africa.