Graham Sustainability Institute

Alumni Scholars

Alyssa Mandilk
Other/None of the Above
Hannah Marcovitch
Literature, Science, & Arts, Anthropology
Tansy Massey-Green
Biology, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Martha McAlister-Raeburn
Megan McConnell
Earth and Environmental Sciences, Honors Program
Avery McIntyre
Business (Ross), Literature, Science, & Arts
Kadie McShirley
Program in the Environment
Mardheanna Md Yasin
Economics, Residential College
Mitchell Mead
Literature, Science, & Arts, Economics
KT Michaelson
Business (Ross)
Kyle Mills
Program in the Environment
Rio Mizuno
Program in the Environment, International & Comparative Studies
Jessica Mondics
Business (Ross), Philosophy
Isabella Morrison
Program in the Environment
Elena Mosher
Residential College, Art and Design (Stamps)
Sushmita Mukherjee
Literature, Science, & Arts, Business (Ross)
Anagha Mulpur
Political Science, Literature, Science, & Arts
Lauren Murray
Program in the Environment, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Joseph Murray
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Program in the Environment
Mckenzie Myers
Program in the Environment
Kai Norden
Program in the Environment, Business (Ross)
Anna Norman
Business (Ross), Romance Languages & Literature
Pablo Nunez
Program in the Environment
Alyse Opatowski
International & Comparative Studies
Michiko Ota
Public Health, Public Health
Andrea Paine
Public Policy (Ford), Literature, Science, & Arts
Sulgiye Park
Program in the Environment
Elena Marie Pascual
International & Comparative Studies, Program in the Environment
Keny Patel
Literature, Science, & Arts, Business (Ross)
Marcella Pearl
Business (Ross), Program in the Environment
Alexandra Pears
Art and Design (Stamps)
Olivia Perfetti
Program in the Environment
Joshua Piepszowski
Industrial and Operations Engineering
Sara Pizzo
Program in the Environment
Abigail Potts
Literature, Science, & Arts, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Heather Price
Honors Program, Mathematics
Matthew Pundmann
Business (Ross)
Ekaterina Rakhmatulina
Civil & Environmental Eng.
Laura Rapoport
Art and Design (Stamps)
Olivia Rath
Honors Program, Organizational Studies