Graham Sustainability Institute

Building the Scientific Basis for Management of Chilean Fisheries

Chilean Fisheries

Project Team

Sara Alderstein Gonzalez – U-M School for Environment and Sustainability
Rod Fujita EDF Fisheries Solutions Center
Erica Cunningham –  EDF Chile Program
Jake Kritzer EDF Fisheries Solutions Center
Kristin Kleisner EDF Fisheries Solutions Center

Project Summary

Many consider Chile a leading country in Latin America for its advanced fishery management laws and regulations. Yet, some 60 percent of Chilean stocks may be overexploited or collapsed. Diagnostic assessments suggest that there is a need to build a better scientific foundation for fisheries management.

To help meet this need, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is funding collaboration among U-M researcher Dr. Sara Alderstein Gonzalez and the EDF-Chile team and partners to advance data and modeling efforts to support the recovery of the hake fishery, one of Chile’s most troubled fisheries. This project offers a unique opportunity to work with government and managers to ensure that the hake management plan and recovery program are successful and incluces the following tasks:

  • Review EDF’s Hake Recovery Report and make recommendations on how to create a more scientifically rigorous and robust recovery plan
  • Strengthen the hake assessment by filling critical information gaps through surveys to better characterize, catch and identify drivers of misreporting, and by designing interventions to disrupt drivers of non-compliance
  • Conduct additional data-limited stock assessment working with the Fisheries Solutions Center’s diagnosis of “forgotten fish” that operate under open access in Chile
  • Develop a management strategy evaluation model for nearshore fisheries to project the impacts of different harvest management strategies.

The Environmental Defense Fund provided $20,000 of project funding in 2017.