Ocupação Anchieta Avança!

December 2017

Team Members: Michael Amidon, Ashish Bhandari, Olaia Chivite Amigo, Laura Devine, Kayla Hunter, Jiayang Li, Erika Linenfelser, Bruna De Souza Oewel, Yao Tang

Advisor: Dr. María Arquero de Alarcón & Dr. Ana Paula Pimentel Walker

Project Summary: The Ocupação Anchieta Avança! project addresses patterns of rapid informal urbanization of areas of environmental protection in cities’ peripheries in response to a lack of affordable housing options for the poor, a phenomenon emerging as one of the Global South’s most pressing issues. Through a site-specific case, and in collaboration with a robust network of local partners, this project proposes new sustainable strategies of land stewardship to address the detrimental impacts informal settlements impose upon areas of environmental value in the urban periphery of São Paulo, Brazil. The team developed plans for a new cultural center and is in the process of developing and implementing sustainable housing prototypes and raising further awareness of the team’s efforts through the creation of a website and blog.

Seed Grant and Large Grant Award

Dow Sustainability Fellows Program