Graham Sustainability Institute

Engagement Through Gardening: Building Community Through Sustainable Food

April 2020

Healthy and sustainable local food systems foster a productive and functional global food system. A Dow Sustainability Fellows team looked into two key aspects of the food system. One part of this project focused on ethnobotany and edible perennial landscape in partnership with the U-M Campus Farm. The second part of this project focused on addressing food insecurity. About 12% of American households experience food insecurity. At the University of Michigan, a staggering 32% of students are food insecure. Working with the U-M Campus farm, the Dow Fellows team created the Maize and Blue Cupboard Donation Garden to provide locally-grown produce to the Maize and Blue Cupboard, U-M’s food pantry. 

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Project Advisor: Jeremy Moghtader
Project Team: Zoe Fullem, School for Environment and Sustainability (SEAS); Savannah Boerger, School of Public Health; Dany Zemmel, School of Public Health; Katharine Asta, School of Medicine and School of Public Health; Brooke Callaghan, School of Public Health; Katharine Shiffler, SEAS
Project Consultant: Elizabeth LaPorte