Graham Sustainability Institute

Climate Fact Sheet: St. Paul, MN

August 2016

The two greatest climate risks Saint Paul (St. Paul) faces are 1) flooding associated with increased mean rainfall and extreme rainfall events, and 2) the impacts of temperature increases. For example, a warmer climate will exacerbate the urban heat island effect, with temperatures in the city significantly hotter than surrounding areas. In 2015, St. Paul secured a grant from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to develop a strategic climate change Resilience Framework. Part of the Framework includes increasing green infrastructure to improve storm water management. Other aspects of the Framework focus on improving communication about how to reduce the effects of climate change on city residents, especially more vulnerable populations.

This fact sheet is part of an urban climate series created to provides an overview of a climate risks. Each fact sheet includes a climate history, key considerations and activities specific to each city.

  • Keywords: St. Paul, MN, flooding, heat, climate change, adaptation, extreme weather.