Graham Sustainability Institute

Planet Blue Student Innovation Fund

Planet Blue Student Innovation Fund (PBSIF) grants provide up to $50,000 annually for ambitious, student-initiated projects that reduce the university’s environmental footprint and promote a culture of sustainability on campus.

The Student Sustainability Coalition makes decisions about which projects are selected for funding with guidance from staff leadership in the Graham Sustainability Institute, Office of Campus Sustainability, and Student Life. Several PBSIF projects have become key campus sustainability successes, including the U-M Campus Farm, the Maize and Blue Cupboard, the U-M Strawbale Building, and the solar-powered picnic tables located by Palmer Commons and the Beyster Building. View funded projects here.

Apply for the Planet Blue Student Innovation Fund if...

  • Your student org is working on a medium- to large-scale project or initiative that addresses a campus sustainability issue and enhances campus-wide student engagement with sustainability.
  • Your student org has a vision and long-term goal for how this project or initiative will impact campus sustainability, with specific steps in mind to attain the goal(s).

SSC's definition of sustainability:

  • Sustainability is a mindset and approach to ensure current and future resources and prosperity are equitable and accessible for all without the exploitation of people and the environment in the process.

The PBSIF deadline for applications was Sunday, February 14th 2021 at 11:59pm.