Graham Sustainability Institute

News Brief – Western Lake Erie Report Update

Friday, April 15, 2016

Lake Erie Toxic Algal BloomIn response to questions of interpretation related to results in the report, Informing Lake Erie Agriculture Nutrient Management via Scenario Evaluation, communications improvements have been made in an April 2016 update. While the original data, information, and results remain unchanged, the following improvements have been made:

  • Revised the numbering system for the bundled scenarios to provide a more logical categorization of the results; the associated text has been updated accordingly;
  • Clarified the purpose of the ballpark phosphorus input and delivery pie charts in the Introduction, and Appendix A1.
  • Included a description of how scenarios relate to baseline models in Table 2.
  • Added tables in Appendix A8, including information about impacts of the scenarios on watershed crop yields.

In addition to these report updates, the Project Fact Sheet and the SWAT (Soil Water Assessment Tool) Frequently Asked Questions have also been updated. All can be found on the Project Webpage.

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