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U-M Water Center Funding Freshwater Research on Campus

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The U-M Water Center is introducing a new funding initiative: Increasing Freshwater Research Capacity at the University of Michigan.

This rolling Request for Proposals (RFP) solicits proposals for funding that enhance and expand research and activities related to freshwater ecosystems, including related human health aspects, at the University of Michigan. Through this process, the center seeks proposals from a diversity of researchers and faculty on campus that address the most critical freshwater resource issues both in the U.S. and internationally.

Through this RFP, the U-M Water Center aims to accomplish the following goals:

  • Build capacity and excellence at the University of Michigan in freshwater ecosystem research, specifically by supporting efforts that work on issues at the interface of the natural, physical, health, and social sciences;
  • Advance the ability to demonstrate social and/or economic benefits associated with services provided by freshwater ecosystems;
  • Support development of research approaches for, and innovative solutions to, critical challenges to freshwater ecosystems and related human health concerns;
  • Provide for more effective and efficient outcomes of research with translational components that benefit society;
  • Increase the expertise and infrastructure on campus in critical and emerging areas of freshwater research and management, including but not limited to impacts of climate change on water quantity, ecosystem function and water quality, and human health; and 
  • Increase and improve collaborations both among campus units, especially with Water Center researchers, and with regional and international partners to address the critical freshwater and related human health issues of the 21st century.

The Water Center strongly encourages applicants from all disciplines that contribute to freshwater research and activities on campus. The RFP includes two categories of projects: 1) smaller projects up to $50,000 and 2) larger, more complex projects up to $250,000.

Proposals for the first round of the RFP are due to the U-M Water Center by 12:00pm noon EDT on Monday September 16, 2013.  Additional details about the funding opportunity including how to apply are available in the full RFP announcement. Please direct any questions to Maeghan Brass at