Graham Sustainability Institute

Student Sustainability Initiative hiring FOUR Student Board Members

Friday, February 8, 2013

If you're a U-M student with a passion for environmental sustainability, then we encourage you to apply for a part-time, paid position as a Board Member for the Student Sustainability Initiative (SSI).

SSI is currently recruiting for both undergraduate students and graduate students to fill four openings on the board for the 2013-2014 academic year (including summer 2013). As an SSI Board member (either role), you'll work approximately 10 hours per week. The term commitment is one academic year (two full semesters). The job descriptions and online application are below. The application deadline is March 1, 2013. 


The Graduate Student Board Member is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with administrators. This includes existing relationships with SSI’s advisors from the Graham Institute (Don Scavia and Drew Horning) and Office of Campus Sustainability (Andy Berki) as well as strategic relationships with Terry Alexander, Phil Hanlon, Hank Baier, and Tim Slottow, among others. These relationships are critical to successful collaboration between administration and students on environmental and sustainability issues at the University of Michigan.

In addition, the graduate student board member is responsible for developing relationships between environmental student groups and the SSI Board, as well as facilitating relationships between various environmental student groups on campus. This collaboration ensures maximum student involvement and fosters a high degree of creativity and success of initiatives.

The graduate student board member is also responsible for helping to fully develop and structure various student groups’ ideas into actionable plans to ensure the highest probabilities of success. This includes choosing one or more projects for which to develop a well-researched strategic plan as well as a business case highlighting benefits for all parties involved. Once the case has been made and approved, it is the graduate student board member’s responsibility to develop and execute on an implementation plan wherever possible while organizing a team to perform the work using the resources available to SSI members. Furthermore, for other projects being run by other SSI members, the graduate student board member is responsible for facilitating meetings with necessary University administration and personnel to ensure the projects’ success.

Administrative tasks include managing weekly SSI board meetings, managing monthly meetings with SSI’s advisors, managing meetings with other University administrators, facilitating connections between students and University administration, being involved with SSI goal planning, benchmarking sustainability efforts at other schools, soliciting ideas and input from SSI members and member groups, and helping SSI adapt to constant change. 

Other Duties Include: 

  • Marketing small grants and participates in evaluation process for small grants.
  • Outreach and communication with student groups and administrators


The Undergraduate Student Board Member is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with student organizations, students, and faculty at the University of Michigan (all campuses) who are interested in working with SSI. This may include students who are already affiliated with SSI or those wanting to know how to get involved. It may also include faculty members interested in sustainability-related curriculum, student organizations, and/or research. These relationships are crucial to the success of the collaboration between SSI and the people it represents. 

Along with developing relationships with students and faculty, the SSI undergraduate board member must be comfortable helping to develop relationships with U-M administration by attending meetings with administrators, communicating with advisors, and otherwise establishing and maintaining an ongoing dialog between the SSI and U-M administration.

The undergraduate board member is also required to help manage the SSI internal financial budgeting and spending, create meeting agendas, and keep notes/minutes for SSI meetings. This student will communicate regularly with SSI affiliates about SSI goals, activities, and progress. Furthermore, the undergraduate board member is responsible for owning one or more campus sustainability projects, involving planning work and managing not only the work but also the relationships and information needed.

Students applying for this position must be organized and self-motivated. Experience with other student organizations is a plus.

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