Graham Sustainability Institute

Make New Friends and Keep the Old

Friday, May 10, 2019

Above: Sustainability Scholars recently completed a two-year co-curricular program and celebrated at a dinner hosted by the Graham Institute.

A new cohort of 25 undergraduate students is now part of the campus community of sustainability scholars. Also, 25 graduating seniors just completed the Sustainability Scholars Program, becoming part of the U-M network of sustainability alumni scholars and fellows. Recently, Dr. Margaret Wooldridge welcomed the new scholars, and Dr. Jennifer Haverkamp celebrated the accomplishments of graduating scholars.

Above: Graham Sustainability Institute Director, Dr. Jennifer Haverkamp, provided graduating scholars with their certificates acknowledging the completion of the Scholars Program.


Above: Recently accepted to the Scholars Program, students assembled for a group photo after gathering for dinner and an overview of the program hosted by the Graham Institute.

Representing many different disciplines, scholars learn from each other, from faculty across campus (see: Taking the Next Step in Their Sustainability Leadership Journey) and gain valuable skills and experience through field-based courses, practicums, and collaborative projects. Also, each scholar becomes a Planet Blue Ambassador, and some scholars are also Planet Blue Student Leaders.


Above: Dr. Margaret Wooldridge explains the goals of the program to new scholars.

New scholars will participate in a retreat this August to jumpstart their two-year program focused on learning about and engaging in collaborative and applied sustainability methods. Eligible sophomores may apply during the next cycle of recruitment that begins winter 2020.