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Hydraulic Fracturing Integrated Assessment Update

Monday, March 17, 2014

Additional information about the University of Michigan’s Hydraulic Fracturing in Michigan Integrated Assessment project is now available on the Graham Sustainability Institute’s website.

The project’s first phase involved preparation of technical reports on key topics related to hydraulic fracturing. Now the project is focused on producing the Integrated Assessment, a single, cross-cutting report analyzing strategic policy options to address the guiding question: What are the best environmental, economic, social, and technological approaches for managing hydraulic fracturing in the State of Michigan?

View the IA Plan (PDF)We’ve developed an Integrated Assessment Plan (PDF) describing our work moving forward. Here are a few key features of the Integrated Assessment (IA) from the plan:

  • Identification and analysis of key strategies and policy options. Rather than advocating for a single recommended course of action, the IA will assess the likely strengths, weaknesses, and outcomes of various options so that a wide range of decision makers in Michigan can then make informed decisions.
  • Multidisciplinary analysis by a diverse team of researchers from the schools of Law, Natural Resources and the Environment, Business, Engineering, and Public Health, as well the Department of Economics (LSA).
  • Continued broad stakeholder engagement through an advisory committee representing the views of key stakeholder groups, public comment on the draft IA report, public webinars with report authors, and a comment/idea submission webpage that will remain open until the IA concludes.
  • Peer review by subject area experts, conflict of interest procedures, and exclusive U-M funding are in place to ensure a rigorous, scientific analysis.

We encourage you to review the Integrated Assessment Plan (PDF) and the updated project website for additional details.

Should you have any questions about the plan or project, please contact John Callewaert, Graham Institute Integrated Assessment Program Director,
at (734) 615-3752 or